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How We Can Help You

Socratic SBC crafts custom security solutions for medical marijuana dispensaries and other cannabusinesses.

The medical cannabis business — now a multi-billion-dollar industry — is inherently fraught with ever-evolving security risks. As the corporate and regulatory landscape shifts, the protective measures that medicinal cannabis dispensaries must deploy are increasingly nuanced.

With 20 years of expertise with progressive security leadership including military experience, Socratic SBC knows the ins and outs of optimal security protocol. Our holistic approach ensures that every link of the supply chain operates at peak performance. We work with medical cannabis organizations of all sizes, from large-scale medical marijuana dispensaries and established retailers to early-stage startups. Compliance and confidentiality is a top priority, and our comprehensive security solutions adhere to the highest safety standards.

We understand that each business is unique, and that security needs within this burgeoning industry are constantly changing. Rest assured that your company is in capable hands — our dedication, vigilance, and professionalism is unparalleled. Schedule a Security Audit today.

Security threats are often more insidious than you might think; a comprehensive Security Audit is the best method for detecting vulnerabilities. Socratic SBC provides security consultations and assessments for:

  • Implementing or improving physical, procedural, and electronic security systems
  • Optimizing safety for staff and personnel
  • Deterring criminal attacks
  • Mitigating shrinkage and instituting loss prevention policies
  • Security for product transportation
  • Optimizing insurance coverage
  • Compliance with state regulations for medical marijuana facilities
  • Liability reduction and management

The first step toward developing a robust security ecosystem is to determine strengths and weaknesses. Socratic SBC distills your medical cannabis facility’s specific security needs into actionable recommendations. The process starts with a custom security survey, threat assessment, and risk analysis.

The assessment phase generally takes between two and four weeks.

Socratic SBC implements protective measures quickly and efficiently. We assist with everything from selecting and installing hardware to training security personnel to developing custom protocols for both internal and external processes. We take a four-pronged approach to implementation, considering factors such as:

  • Technology: Automated access control, intrusion detection systems, and cutting-edge security equipment
  • Processes: Incident response, visitor management, and general security best practices
  • Personnel: Hiring and training quality professionals to safeguard your product and property
  • Third-party coordination: Working with state officials and local fire and police teams to optimize facility safety

Implementation generally takes between one and four months depending on the size and scope of the solution.

We offer protection services to ensure the safety of your product, profits, intellectual property, and, most importantly, your people. Our protection services are both preventative and reactive: From 24/7 monitoring and surveillance to emergency incident response, we take the responsibility for your safety and security seriously. We help your business hire and train a team of seasoned professionals to ensure that every possible preemptive measure is in place. In the event of a security breach, we provide prompt, professional response and in-depth incident analysis.

Available on an annual contract basis.

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